Proud for My Home Town Dahod as I received an Award for my Community work at Zee TV Presented India Fair 2015 at New Jersey Convention & Expo Center witnessed by my video Interview With Stars on Bollywood Hungama NRI tv TV Asia and awesome tv

Dear Dahodians,

We take a pride by Saying Our Dahod Name to Each and every Actors that we meet So far From Mr. Bachchan to Priety Zinta and Almost 50 Stars that we met personally they all know our Home Town Dahod. Our Goal is that they All Know that There is a Town Called Dahod a Full of Love, energy and most Important and Advanced In Sasu-Vahu Relationship with Best Advanced Culture.

Received Zee Tv Award for Providing Events to NRI Community ….sharing few photos from Zee Fair 2015….An evening with Dabang’s Cheddi Singh sonu sood bappi lahri and jinal paney don’t forget to watch my video on Bollywood Hungama NRI tv TV Asia and awesome tv

नाम छोटा है मगर दिल बडा रखता हु पैसो से उतना अमीर नही हु | |मगर अपने यारो के गम खरिद ने की हैसयत रखता हु

Proud to be a Pure Dahdodian


Gopi Sheth (U.S.A) & Sachin Desai (Dahod)

M:- 856-438-0021 & M: 094265 95111

E-mail: dostiyaarki@gmail. com> &>


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